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Sunglasses are not the typical item you would expect to see in an art collection. But when you think about it, they can be the culmination of culture, fashion, street art, engineering and creative design. Oakley has been an industry leader for decades with the core of that success due to a clear recognition of talented and trends in athletes as well as creative design.  A great example of this is the Artist-Series campaign in which Oakley highlighted prolific artistes from around the world chosen for their influence towards pop-culture and art.

I have cataloged as much information about the Oakley Artist Series as possible to highlight a collection spanning nearly 15 years. I want to thank contributing members to the Oakley world for making this possible.

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Street art, fashion and product design, I suppose my fascination with these subjects comes from a graphic design background, but the truth is that my obsession stems from the relationship between branding and culture. But more directly, how do artists elevate their individual creative style to the point that they become featured with established brands.

Collection Cataloged & History

Flores Gascan S 1.0

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Flores Gascan 2.0

C100 Gascan

Art Chantry Hijinx

Todd Francis Eye Patch

London Police Gascan

Frank Kozik Hijinx

Naomi South Eternal

Robert Pimple Hijinx

Will Barras Montefrio

Caia Koopman Ravashing

WhoIsThisKid? Hijinx

C100 Jupiter

Mambo Antix

Stanley Donwood Jupiter

Don Pendelton Fuel Cell

Robert Williams Dispatch


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Future Project 

Robert Williams Television Set

This cardboard TV was on display at the Oakley Store in San Diego during Comic-Con 2016. Robert Williams was the last Oakley Artist Series produced in the series so I purchased every pair the store had so they tossed in the display items including this pop-television as well.

Oakley Design Brief

The Oakley Design Brief was a campaign in which artist submitted designs in their signature style in which the winner would have 300 limited editions sunglasses produced from Oakley. The requirements for the brief was to create a custom design for the Oakley Hijinx, and the corresponding packaging. A wide range of artists and designers from around the world submitted their work to be judged by a panel of  prolific industry designers. The link below is my submission which I was lucky enough to be recognized by the committee. I then flew to London to participate in the event where the winner would later be made public.