Surreal Landmarks

When traveling around the city or country, we tend to end up with a lot of photos that we don’t necessarily know what to do with. Sure, these type of images are great reminders of the fun you had exploring new places, but the majority are usually landmarks, vistas or sites that have been photographed a million times. The main goal of this project was to harvest those tourist photos we all love to take and turn them into hyperreal reflections of the world.

Adobe Animate/Flash & Adobe Character

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Although not perfect, Adobe Animate (An) and Character (Ch) are becoming even more essential in the Adobe Creative suits lineup.

The animation above is a social media design sample that I created for a CBD bath bomb in Adobe Animate. I have utilized Flash for many projects in the past so I want to post my experience in introducing Java scripting animations to WordPress the correct way.
Hyperreal Photoshop Techniques

High resolution photography and collages mostly consisted of splicing together multiple images to maximize resolution. The Dole cargo ship for example (upper right) looks like one image, but the ship itself was taken in four individual portrait shots that I later combined into a single panorama. Basically, the reason for using this technique is because the ships massive length made it challenging to get detail without creating a fisheye through a wide angle lens. The result is a high resolution image that looks surreal because of the hyper-clarity.  My inspiration for this specific technique comes from a photographer named Jerry Uelsmann. His use of analog photography equipment to make vivid large scale image composites ultimately paved the way to a digital Photoshop.

Focus and Depth
Photo element examples