Oakley Design Brief UK


The goal I wanted to achieve with this submission for the Oakley Design Brief was to create an artistic concept inspired by the Great White Shark. The design scheme is based upon the scars found on these large apex predators that tell the story of what it takes to survive in the open water of the Pacific Ocean. This design was recognized by the Oakley Design Brief competition held in London, England as a finalist for the Artist Series in 2008. Although it wasn’t selected for reproduction, the experience and opportunity to be involved in the European art culture and Oakley Enterprises, broadened my interests towards creating an exclusive collection of Oakley products which I keep on display for design inspiration.

Below is a website that I designed and constructed to highlight the growing popularity of design competitions making it possible for artist to brand their work on a global scale. This website featured collectives of artist from around the world highlighting other avenues to help artists introduce their artwork to mainstream brands directly tapping into underground art culture.

About the Brief

The Oakley Design Brief was a campaign in which artist submitted designs in their signature style in which the winner would have 300 limited editions sunglasses produced from Oakley. The requirements for the brief was to create a custom design for the Oakley Hijinx, and the corresponding packaging. A wide range of artists and designers from around the world submitted their work to be judged by a panel of  prolific industry designers. The link below is my submission which I was lucky enough to be recognized by the committee. I then flew to London to participate in the event where the winner would later be made public. 

International Design Competition #35