The Juiced HyperScrambler 2

The electric bike is a very popular mode of transportation here in Southern California. From kids to adults, the trend seem to be growing everyday. The range of models offered by manufactures provide a wide variety of capabilities. Not many people consider an electric bike as a production tool but when you think about it, their use can be perfectly adapted for the job. I call this bike the “Carbon Scrambler” because I replaced many parts with carbon fiber plate, but ever since I mounted a small Nintendo toy to the front fender people know it as the Bullet bike.

Adobe Animate & Adobe Character

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Although not perfect, HTML5 Canvas and Adobe Animate (An) have become an essential tool for Web Developers. In an upcoming article I share my experiences with Flash/Animate and how it can be combined with Adobe Character saving an incredible amount of time in the animation process.

The animation above is a social media design sample that I created for a CBD bath bomb in Adobe Animate.

Essential equipment for the Juiced HyperScrambler 2

Reasons to buy an e-bike for Content Creators 📹

Camera stability technology is at the forefront for those with a desire to capture dynamic high quality footage. Matter of fact, every situation in which the camera moves present unique challenges. The Truckshot or Dollyshot is one of them most established techniques in the cinematic process. And now a small camera gimbal combined with stabilization technology can take a considerable amount of guess work out of the equation. My obsession with shot stability grew from strapping GoPro’s to crude remote controlled aircraft and programming gimbal boards for heavy DSLR cameras. It felt as if the perfect shot was impossible. The challenge is now centered around navigating the world from an interactive perspective and all in real time. Small lite weight equipment has given way to a whole new level of clever options, especially for those who V-Blog.

Introducing the Juiced HyperScrambler 2. After riding this bike for a few months now, I have all my equipment centered around this bike as a studio. The two massive 52 volt batteries combined with relatively inexpensive recording equipment provide an all inclusive setup ready to hit the pavement. Basically, the massive battery power pack is capable of running much more than just the bike. Shooting on location can typically hinge on battery life and don’t forget about your phone, tablet and computer. Not to mention the speed that these devices charge in regards to the source of the main batteries discharge.

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Sneak Peak:  HyperScrambler 2 unboxing video 🎬

Above is a YouTube unboxing video I am working on for the HyperScrambler 2. I shot the majority of this video with my iPhone and the DJI Pocket 2. Although much of the video is crudely shot, I am really attempting to get used to the idea of producing content without pouring much time into production and post. My main focus is instead on pumping out quick edits which is an underlying factor for Content Creators on most media platforms.  Currently, I am recording a script for a full review but, also I really want to capture better footage of riding the bike with respect to more interesting locations. Apologies for the delay, I know there is more than a few people on the e-bike forums waiting for my review.