Adobe Animate or After Effects?

What is the best application for web based animations and why?

Scalable Vector Graphic, Lottie with JSON

CSS animations, JavaScript and HTML5

SVG Lottie

Adobe After Effects

Lightweight, scalable animations for your docs.

Lottie published SVG files provide a valuable tool to create, edit, test and display Web based animations.

Although simple in theory, Lottie files can be difficult to export within After Effects. Testing SVG file outputs can be problematic especially for complex animations. Best to stick to vectors in those animations.

Once configured, these animations are fast, dynamic and give the user a memorable experience.

Embedded Video

Adobe After Effects

Embedding Video

Embedding video looks great but holds up loading times and the amount of data drives down site ranking within google. Best to keep these files away from your home page on your site.

HTML5 Canvas

Adobe Animate

Adobe Animate & Adobe Character

Although not perfect, HTML5 Canvas and Adobe Animate (An) have become an essential tool for Web Developers. For those that used Flash in the past will find that the flexibility of HTML5 canvas to be a great choice for interactive banners and buttons. Also, creating images with CSS can be very powerful for quick loading documents and applications.