Cartoon Cats Illustration

What’s in the bag Felix?

The earliest animations were simple line drawings that created a legacy of culture driven art. I always wanted do something celebrating the coolness of the cartoon cats. Felix and his off the cuff humor is considered seriously controversial today. But, breaking rules is the essence of what these characters represent as cultural icons. Since this artwork would have a copyright attorney spitting out their morning coffee, I felt it was important to represent commercial products because branding further contributes to the nostalgic feeling of each character from a grown–ups perspective.

This is a perfect time to state that this image is for personal use and is in no way produced or affiliated with associated brands or trademarks. This cartoon is for illustrative purposes to exemplify the nature of brand infringement in regards to fan art.

Originally I wanted to keep the illustration in black and white to honor Felix. Soon after I realized that color was a major defining factor in the representation of these characters.  This illustration is printed at just over 5 foot across horizontally.  A great conversion piece and one of the funnest illustrations I have ever done.

Original cell of Felix at the Woopie Club providing the inspiration for this project.