Cartoon Cats Illustration

Fan Art vs Fine Art

Early animations consisted of simple line drawings that created a cultural legacy. I’ve always wanted to pay homage to the charm of classic cartoon cats like Felix, known for his unconventional humor, now considered controversial today. These characters, as cultural icons, thrive on defying norms. While this artwork would likely raise eyebrows, i felt that it was essential to include commercial products, as they enhance the nostalgia associated with these characters from an adult perspective.

It’s worth clarifying that this image is for personal use only and is in no way affiliated with any brands or trademarks. It serves as an illustrative example of brand infringement in the context of fan art.

Originally I wanted to keep the illustration in black and white to honor Felix. Soon after I realized that color was a major defining factor in the representation of these characters.  This illustration is printed at just over 5 foot across horizontally.  A great conversion piece and one of the funnest illustrations I have ever done.

Original cell of Felix at the Woopie Club providing the inspiration for this project.